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The ingrown nail is a very common problem that consists of one side of the nail, generally the big toenail, penetrating the skin and provoking a painful inflammation. If this issue is neglected, the skin on the side of the nail might get infected; this infection might spread to the tissues, sometimes even to the bone.


The causes of ingrown nail are numerous: the curve of the nail might be too pronounced, the nail might not have been cut properly, there might be an underlying bone-related issue, it might be hereditary, etc.


In any case, the podiatrist is there to make the appropriate diagnosis.




The treatment of an ingrown nail depends on the diagnosis that is made by the podiatrist. It sometimes consists of cutting part of the nail (bevel-cut) and prescribing topical antibiotics. In certain cases, a minor surgery under local anaesthetics, aimed at removing the nail in parts or in its entirety, might be necessary.


To prevent ingrown nail, it’s important to carry out a straight cut in order to avoid leaving pointy parts, also called spurs, in the corners that are likely to penetrate skin. It’s also important to maintain good foot hygiene and to avoid wearing shoes that are too tight.


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