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The Podiatric Clinic of Laval is the reference when it comes to your feet’s health. Our podiatrists use the latest technology in order to offer you the highest quality of service in a professional and welcoming environment. We are here to help you get back on your feet.


The clinic is located on the service road of Autoroute 440, at the corner of 100th Avenue, one of Laval’s main roads, and is accessible to anyone interested in our services.


When should you consult a podiatrist?

Our feet are part of our daily lives. They are highly complex and subject to multiple constraints. Foot pain is the main reason people visit us. Our social and professional lives can be greatly disturbed by foot issues, because these problems tend to be painful and incapacitating. These feet issues include skin rashes, heal pain, corn, pain in the arch region, flat foot, ingrown nails and plantar warts, to only name a few.


Do not be restrained by your feet problems. Maintain a good quality of life by consulting our podiatrists.


At the Podiatric Clinic of Laval, the patient is our priority. We are committed to continuously renew our expertise and techniques, in order to offer you services that exceed your expectations, in a professional and friendly environment. Integrity, respect, attention, transparency, and innovation are values that are shared by everyone working at the clinic.

Our podiatrists

A patient-
centered approach

Dr François D. Tran

about his work

Dr Martin Tranchemontagne

Welcoming the patients
as a family member

Dr Anthony Thomas Careccia

Choosing the Podiatric Clinic of Laval is choosing an attentive and passionate team, for whom your well-being is the number one priority. All our doctors obtained their doctorate in podiatric medicine at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, completed a 4-month internship in a New York hospital, and further developed their expertise with extra courses, namely a training in integrated therapeutic foot techniques.

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3333 100th Avenue – Suite 105, Laval, Québec H7T 0G3
(corner highway 440)

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