Foot Orthoses

A podiatric orthosis is an efficient treatment tool to solve various precise foot problems. By definition, an orthosis is used to help a limb function better. It must not be confused with a prosthesis, which is used to replace a limb or an organ.

The podiatric orthosis is a sole that is placed inside the shoe in order to prevent pathologies that are typically caused by walking or running. Several types of podiatric orthoses exist and they’re all custom-made according to the instructions of the podiatrist that prescribes them. Their aim is to respond to the specific needs of the person using them.

Biomechanical Assessment

Like any medication, the plantar orthosis constitutes a therapeutic treatment that must be calculated, dosed, as well as adjusted to the patient. The podiatrist is the person that is going to assess the way in which the orthosis can benefit you.

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