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Athlete’s foot

The athlete’s foot, also called mycosis or tinea pedis, is an infection that is caused by mushrooms that usually touch the skin between the toes. The athlete’s foot often appears in the form of little red pimples (vesicles). The skin becomes cracked, white, and humid. It starts to detach, and then peels off. These macerated and ill-smelling lesions cause itchiness.


Those mushrooms are microscopic and live off the dead tissues of the skin and nail cornea. They can easily be transmitted from one person to the next, namely in public places such as communal gyms, showers, and swimming pools, as well as any humid or warm environment.

Treatment of
athlete’s foot

The podiatrist must first assess if the problem is indeed an athlete’s foot or another dermatological issue such as erythrasma, psoriasis, or eczema.



The treatment of an athlete’s foot is performed by applying a topical antifungal product, prescribed by the podiatrist, in the form of a lotion, a gel, an unguent, etc. This treatment must be combined with proper foot hygiene: keeping feet dry and clean, making sure the skin between the toes is dried after a shower or a bath, and wearing shoes.



In the cases where there is a strong resistance, antifungal capsules may be prescribed by a doctor.

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