What’s a podiatrist?
The podiatrist is the health professional who treats all foot-related issues that are not linked with the way the body operates as a systemic whole. After completing his 1st cycle doctorate in podiatric medicine, he is officially accredited to diagnose foot pathologies and to treat them with medical, pharmaceutical, surgical, or mechanical (orthoses) interventions.
What’s the difference between a podiatrist and an orthotist?

The podiatrist is a health specialist who completed a doctorate in podiatric medicine at the university and possesses a practice licence issued by the Ordre des podiatres du Québec. He’s able to diagnose and treat all foot-related issues. The prescription and fabrication of plantar othoses are part of the numerous forms of treatment that he uses.


The orthotist-prosthetist, after completing a college degree, becomes a technician who fabricates orthoses that are prescribed by a health specialist like a doctor or a podiatrist. The orthosist may exercise his profession without being a member of the Association des orthésistes, prothésistes et orthésistes du pied or the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec.

At what age can someone begin to undergo treatment?

It’s never too early to consult a podiatrist. When any abnormal development of a child’s foot is suspected, the podiatrist is able to assess its level of seriousness and to intervene if necessary, while always considering the child’s age.


Children’s health and well-being are a priority at the Podiatric Clinic of Laval. That’s why we insist on keeping a close eye on how children develop over the years.

Are the fees covered by the RAMQ?
No. The fees related to podiatric treatments are refunded by most private insurance companies, as they are for the dentist. We can provide an estimate that your insurance company may use for verification purposes.
Should a diabetic person consult a podiatrist?
Yes, it’s strongly recommended, since the feet of diabetics are a lot more likely to develop serious complications. The Podiatric Clinic of Laval’s personnel is diligent and uses specialised equipment designed to assess the condition of diabetics’ feet.