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Discover the measures taken by the clinic to provide you with a sanitized environment and thus limit the spread of the virus.


Taking charge

Telephone intake to learn more about your condition before you arrive at the clinic. We ask that you go to your appointment alone.



Hand disinfection station available. Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times.


Fitting out

Arrangement of common areas to protect patients and staff (demarcation area, protective plexis, etc.) If you are early, wait outside.


Protection equipment

Wear personal protective equipment to take every precaution (visors, masks, gloves, protective clothing).


Consultation space

After a thorough disinfection of the consultation areas, the podiatrist can welcome you.

Your podiatrist in Laval

Are you looking to get reliable answers from an expert in podiatric care? You’ve come to the right place! We offer a wide range of feet related services tailored to your exact needs.

Nos podiatres ont une expertise exceptionnelle en podiatrie en plus de vous offrir un service à la clientèle sans égal. VOTRE CLINIQUE UNE ÉQUIPE À VOTRE ÉCOUTE Obtenir un rendez-vous Nouvelles procédures


Podiatric consultation and foot examination

There are many reasons why you may want to see a podiatrist: you may be experiencing pain or discomfort, you may want to have your child's foot health assessed, etc.

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Podiatric treatments

The clinic offers a wide range of foot treatments. These include basic foot care, such as corns and calluses treatment, as well as nail clipping.

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Foot orthotics

Podiatric orthotics are an effective treatment tool for a variety of specific foot problems. By definition, an orthotic is used to help a limb function better.

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Sports Podiatry

We have a good number of athletes among our clientele, as they are prone to developing lower limb injuries from constantly putting their bodies to the test.

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Podiatry for children and babies

Children as young as 3 months of age can be seen at the clinic for a consultation. Sometimes deformities of the lower limb appear at a young age. In these cases, the earlier the condition is detected, the more effective the intervention can be.

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Minor surgery on ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenail surgery is a quick procedure that causes minimal discomfort. You can trust our experienced podiatrists to perform it. Their success rate is 95%.

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