Our foot treatment services

Because every foot is unique, we offer a wide range of customized services designed to meet your exact needs, whatever they are. If you have any questions regarding your
feet’s health, come by for a consultation.

Consultation and Assessment

Several reasons might lead you to consult a podiatrist: perhaps you are bothered by some sort of pain, or maybe…
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Podiatric Treatments

Experienced podiatrists manage the large range of treatments that we offer. The latter include basic care, such as treatment of…
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Foot orthoses

A podiatric orthosis is an efficient treatment tool to solve various precise foot problems. By definition, an orthosis is used…
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Nail laser treatment

The laser treatment of nail fungus (onychomycosis) is an innovative remedy approved by Health Canada. The Podiatric Clinic of Laval…
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Sport Podiatry

Several athletes make up our clientele. Consistently challenging their bodies makes them more likely to develop injuries to their inferior…
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Children Podiatry – Infants and Babies

Children as young as 3 months old can come to the clinic for a consultation. Sometimes, inferior limb deformities appear…
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Minor Surgery – Ingrown Nails

The surgery of an ingrown nail is a rapid procedure that only causes minimal discomfort. You can trust our experienced…
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