Why should you consult a podiatrist?

Why should you consult a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a medical professional specialized in everything to do with feet. Whether it is from an orthopaedic point of view (posture, specialized orthoses…), or medical (diabetes, infection, surgery…), or simply to take care of calluses and nails. The podiatrists in our clinics keep themselves up-to-date with the latest techniques in foot medicine in order to take care of you in the best possible way.




Because your feet are a very complex part of your body. There are 28 bones, 30 muscles, 21 joints and 107 ligaments. And all of them work together to efficiently coordinate your movements on a daily basis. The feet, which support you, must not be taken for granted. Indeed, a foot issue can, in some cases, lead to complications in other parts of the body. So take care of them!


Who for?


The services offered by a podiatrist are valid for anyone suffering from pain or even just those with a question concerning feet and their mechanics. Children, sportspeople, elderly people, adults… anyone can benefit from a podiatrist’s help. So, whether you are a high-level athlete with chronic weaknesses in your ankle or you just suffer from pain in your feet after a long day’s work, we can assure you that our podiatrist will know how to improve your condition quickly.




– When your feet are painful or when walking becomes difficult.

— In order to optimize your performance or avoid injury due to your gait and your posture.

— After an injury (fracture, sprain…).

— Because you have a medical condition.

Or maybe due to other more specific reasons. The podiatrist will be able to make a diagnosis and give you the appropriate care to deal with your problem.


Medical reference


To consult your podiatrist you do not need to consult your general practitioner first. You may therefore make an appointment with your podiatrist directly in order to consult them.

In a nutshell: your feet are a complex part of your body and they are worth taking care of. Do not take them for granted and prevent pain or issues before they become too serious; contact your podiatrist!

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