Orthoses for bunions and hammertoes: what are they for?

Orthoses for bunions and hammertoes are elegant insoles customized by orthopedic specialists. More and more people suffer from these types of foot conditions, and for this reason, these devices have gained approval as an effective tool for the correction of deformities.

Therefore, if you want to know more about the usefulness of orthoses for bunions and hammertoes, at Clinique Podiatrique de Laval we will explain it to you.

What causes hammertoe?

Hammertoe is known to be a deformity characterized by contraction of the finger joints. This is due to muscle imbalance in the limb. But what causes hammertoe?

This condition is usually caused by arthritis, inflammation, or injury. A hammertoe is a bony joint in the toe that creates a claw shape instead of lying flat, like a normal toe. This deformity occurs because the tendons in the leg or foot are weakened and the muscles pull abnormally.

The initial symptoms of hammertoe are pain around the bent finger area and tenderness in the fingers. The pain tends to increase when the person moves or bends over. In severe cases, the pain may extend to the kneecap.

What causes a bunion?

On the other hand, a bunion is an inflamed bony bump that develops on the back of the big toe joint, usually near the big toe joint or on the top of the fifth toe.

Bunion pain can be long lasting and severe, however, it is not always permanent. Over time, the bone supporting the bunions will eventually deteriorate and the bone may separate from the joint. This causes considerable pain and restricted mobility and causes people to seek treatment.

Bunions can be due to several different factors. Some of the most common reasons include: hereditary deformities such as corns and hammertoes; injury to the joint and surrounding bones; or an abnormal growth that pushes the joint upward and causes pain and stiffness in the joint.

How to correct bunions and hammertoes?

The correct treatment of bunions and hammertoes will depend on the severity of the injury and deformity. There are several alternatives for the correction of these conditions:

The first alternative on how to treat hammertoes and bunions is to have a podiatric physician or surgeon perform corrective procedures. These doctors are specially trained to perform surgery on the foot and your bunion deformities. 

In any case you do not want to go to surgery and only need to reduce the discomfort, the second alternative is the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain, as long as it is a mild deformity of the hammertoe or bunion.

As a final alternative on how to correct bunions and hammertoes, is the use of foot ortheses. These are intended to help a limb function better. In case you want to correct a mild hammertoe or bunion deformity without spending a lot of money, this method is ideal.

What are bunions and hammertoes orthoses for?

If you have the option of choosing orthoses for bunions and hammertoes, we will explain below what they consist of:

Basically, orthoses are cushions designed to help eliminate some of the pressure on a joint that causes pain or discomfort. These are customized to fit the patient’s feet so that the stresses applied to the tendons are evenly distributed. 

It is not advisable to wear shoes for prolonged periods, as it can irritate the skin and slow down the healing process. Therefore, if you suffer from hammertoe, wear shoes that give your feet room to breathe.

There are different types of orthoses, depending on the type of bunion deformity you have. For example, if you have a hammertoe, you may want to consider orthoses that are molded to fit your existing shoes. These devices will help prevent further damage to your foot while helping to relieve pain.

Orthoses for bunions and hammertoes can also help with other problems such as knee damage. If you are someone who has suffered a repetitive motion injury, you may also want to look into orthoses. These will help reduce the stress placed on your knees. They will also help keep them healthy.

It is worth mentioning that these orthopedic devices are also beneficial for people who wish to alleviate pain without suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions. For this purpose, it is advisable to visit a podiatrist for a  consultation and assessment on the appropriate therapeutic treatment and to avoid future foot problems.

Get your custom orthoses with the best clinic in Laval

Without a doubt, orthoses for bunions and hammertoes are a favorable option to correct deformities comfortably and at a favorable price. However, this type of orthopedic devices is preferable that they are custom-designed, according to the previous evaluation of a podiatrist.

At Clinique Podiatrique de Laval, our podiatrists are qualified to perform a professional evaluation to obtain the best benefits in your use of orthoses. We have the necessary tools for the correct design in order to meet your pediatric needs. 

You can contact us to book an appointment or visit us at 3333, 100 e Avenue – bureau 105, Laval (Quebec) H7T 3C4 (corner of highway 440). We have a wide range of services in foot health. You can also consult our blog and inform yourself about proper foot care. 

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