How to choose the best shoes for your feet

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Choosing suitable shoes for your feet is essential in order to avoid any discomfort and to prevent any risk of pain. You may not know but certain foot pathologies and issues are the result of wearing the wrong shoes. Here is some advice that we can give you in order to find the right fit for your feet!


What are the risks for our feet when wearing unsuitable shoes?


Wearing shoes which are too big, uncomfortable, too supple or too rigid can cause genuine problems for your feet. Not only that: wearing unsuitable shoes for your feet may result in plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, which both lead to strong pains in the arch of the foot and the heel. Moreover, bad shoes may lead to considerable back problems. The feet being the basis of posture, poor foot support which does not enable a natural and adapted gait, may lead to back and hip problems in the long term. Of course, poor footwear, which is too tight, can lead to calluses and hammer-toes.


Choosing shoes that fit your feet


Finding shoes that fit your feet also means finding the right width in order to be comfortable in your shoes. Make sure your foot is not confined into overlapping, or on the contrary that there is not too much space. In terms of length, do not choose shoes that are too small or too tight. Ideally, you should be able to insert your index finger behind your heel. This way, you will prevent conditions caused by shoes that are too tight.


Neither too supple, nor too rigid


If your shoes are suitable, you should not be able to bend them easily. In particular, we recommend shoes that only bend at toe level so that the joints may move. Ideally the heel part of your shoes should be rigid. This will prevent the foot from collapsing when you walk.


If you use plantar orthoses…


When you try on shoes, bring your orthoses with you. They are essential in order to choose the right size of footwear. The size of your shoes will obviously vary with or without adding the plantar orthoses.


In a nutshell…

Correctly choosing your footwear is vital in order to avoid any additional bothersome issues. If we can give you some advice, give some thought to adapting your shoes according to your activity. For more information or if you suffer from discomfort because of your shoes, consulting a podiatrist could prove to be useful. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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