High-heeled shoes: good or bad for your feet?

Woman taking off her high heels

People who wear high-heeled shoes are more likely to feel pain or to have foot conditions. Bunions, postural problems and other podiatric conditions can be a result of wearing high-heeled shoes. Indeed, as we mentioned in a previous article, the choice of footwear is essential for the health of your feet. Is wearing high-heeled shoes bad for your feet? How can you relieve your pain?


What pain is caused by wearing high-heeled shoes?


High-heeled shoes can lead to several types of pain as well as bone or even muscular deformation, which is generally considered to be chronic. Some of these “injuries” can mend on their own, whereas others are permanent and require treatment from a podiatrist. This is the case of Achilles heel tendinitis, which may take a much longer time to heal.

You should also know that some women are more likely to suffer from pain linked to wearing high-heel shoes than others. Indeed, the impact of high heels on the mechanics of the foot varies from one person to another. Therefore not everyone will experience the same symptoms. The body, and in particular the foot in this case, reacts in different ways according to the unique characteristics of each person.


Are you fully aware of the impact that wearing high heels may have on your feet?


We often hear that wearing high heels automatically leads to bunions. This is false! Although wearing certain types of shoes may lead to bunions, it is not necessarily because of high heels. As said above, this varies according to each person. However, many patients ignore the consequences of wearing high-heeled shoes. Wearing this type of shoe tends to encourage ingrown toenails, pain in the heels, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, postural problems and many others. In most cases people ignore the fact that their pathology comes from their shoes.


How to relieve pain in your feet resulting from wearing high-heels?


You now know that many problems may arise from the unsuitable use of high heels, but do not worry if you find yourself in this situation, there are solutions! First, target the problem in order to find the remedy. Is it a superficial problem at skin level? Or is it pain due to repetitively wearing these high heels? And so on… In many cases the problem becomes chronic particularly when the person moves down to shoes with a regular elevation, when they retire for example, and require the use of plantar orthoses adapted to their needs.


In a nutshell…


Wearing high heels may indeed have repercussions on your feet. Stay informed and do not neglect the health of your feet. If you suffer from foot pain, consult a podiatrist, who will be able to help you to relieve your pain with solutions adapted to your needs.

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